Improving Construction Site Visibility

Role: Product Design Intern
Team: SiteVision
Client: PlanGrid

Hi there! This case study is still a work in progress. Please come back in a few days!


PlanGrid is a construction productivity application used and designed for iOS, Android, Web and Windows. When I returned to PlanGrid for a second product design internship, I was given a lot more responsibility and a brand new product and team to design with. This team was called 'SiteVision' which encompasses all the photo-related tools on PlanGrid.

In construction, the ability to document the progress and issues pertaining to a construction site is extremely important for those working on the field as well as owners and superintendents who are managing those workers and the job site. With PlanGrid, users can attach photos on 'Sheets', 'Tasks' and 'Field Reports' where the photo also appears on the PlanGrid Gallery.

The Problem

PlanGrid’s photo Gallery has not been updated in over 3 years. Along with not aligning to PlanGrid's current design system standards, the product itself was not reflecting the needs of PlanGrid users. Users needed a way to get their photos and videos into the PlanGrid app, without having to attach them to other PlanGrid products (Sheets, Tasks, Field Reports).

Design Solutions

When thinking of design solutions, we looked at the common workflow our users took when capturing progress photos of a construction site. Our users tend to do a site walk and capture multiple photos at once and then upload these photos to a company server or keep them on their device as there was no current method to bulk upload them onto the PlanGrid app.

As a result, the bulk upload initiative was designed to allow users to upload these progress photos onto PlanGrid, in order to have all their construction documentation in one place. Below is a GIF of how the Bulk Upload modal that I designed works, as it is currently released!

Below are design solutions for bulk uploading images on iOS and Android:

Below are the design solutions for Windows, where a new dropdown button was added as Windows products allows uploading from a PC device and capturing directly from the device (ie. if a user were to use a Windows surface).

Permissions Model

With the addition of allowing users to bulk upload their photos into the Gallery, there was a need to update our current permissions model.

Design Iterations

Gallery UI

Bulk Upload Modal

Facilitation Activities

Prioritizing Features Through Journey Mapping

Future Ideation Sketching Session

Pain points from the journey mapping session were voted on and created into prompts for a sketching session with the team. I facilitated this sketching session to be broad and future facing, as the pain points that were selected were user issues that have not been addressed on any parts of the PlanGrid app.

I cannot disclose any design work or outcomes that came from the sketching session, but you can see my presentation to learn how it was facilitated through this link.