Hello! I’m Diwya.

I’m a third year student at the University of Waterloo studying Systems Design Engineering. This multidisciplinary program introduced me to human factors and product design. I've gotten to apply my learnings by interning at Autodesk (PlanGrid), TD’s Innovation Lab, and Scotiabank.

Check out my LinkedIn to learn more about my design experience.

My passion for contemporary art and photography drove me into product design. I try to approach my personal artwork and design in the same way; focusing on the intentionality behind my decisions to make my audience (or users) feel empowered.

I hope to design and create for social good, and I aspire to become a teacher or mentor in this industry. I’m able to help out right now by leading UWaterloo’s design club UW/UX and volunteering at events like Make-A-Mark.

Outside of design, I enjoy baking, tea-making, and basketball. Please contact me if you’d like to chat!

Me moderating a design panel for UW/UX

Artist Statement

Growing up in an apartment building for most of my life has shaped my perspective on the places and things that surround us. There was no intent for architectural beauty or purpose in that building, but the experiences that it had undergone through time could not be replicated. The building was unique, interactive, and played an integral role in many people’s lives, including my own. It captured and connected everything about our world in one structure, and in result, I viewed it as a work of art. Since then, I have gained an appreciation for all of my surroundings. Moreover, I view humans and the places that we experience as one entity, because we are a product of all our interactions with our surroundings and every surrounding has a distinct identity through the people that has interacted with it. The central theme for all of my artwork documents this relationship where humans and our external environment can be thought of as one work of art. Photography is a key medium that I use, because like every place or structure, the photograph captures a specific moment in time that cannot be replicated, and therefore increases our awareness of the art that encompasses us.

Me in my natural habitat